About Us

We Were Established in 1987

Rainforest Farms International is a company headquartered in Bloomington, IN.  RFI was founded in 1987 out of a passion for discus fish and breeding new varieties of exotic Tropical Fish. The owner (Tom) started off with 2 discus fish and had success breeding this amazing species of fish after many trials he had so much success in breeding his first 6 pairs that he raised from little two inch juveniles that he began selling the offspring to wholesalers all around the mid west. Watching these wholesalers only to distribute them to Pet stores that typically didn’t provide proper care and charged high prices he decided to start selling directly to the Aquarist.  RFI started with only 5 aquariums and offered just a few select varieties of discus fish.  Then in 1997, RFI purchased a new property, which allowed us to expand to over 100 aquariums which allowed us to expand our offering of discus fish and over 800 other products.

We Started Selling Online in 1998

With this new expansion, RFI started www.rfidiscus.com, where we concentrated entirely on Discus Fish.  By establishing a strong online presence, Rainforest Farms International began selling discus fish 49 out of 50 states, including Alaska.  With the internet as a new market for selling freshwater aquarium fish, RFI developed a special way to ship its inventory, alive…to our customers.  Its important to understand how we safely ship live aquarium fish. We offer a strong live delivery guarantee, where we will guarantee that all of our fish will arrive alive and well.

We Began To Specialize In More Exotic Tropical Fish in 2000

Since we were so successful with Discus Fish, we decided to expand and carry other varieties of exotic tropical fish.  Because we have always had community aquariums, where we kept many discus fish with other varieties.  With specialties in aquarium fish such as angelfish, rainbow fish, tetras, crayfish, snails and many other varieties of cichlids and tropical fish, we had developed many great best practices of caring for fish.

We Transitioned Our Site To RfiTropicalFish.com in 2008

Since the demand was very high for more varieties of exotic aquarium fish, we transitioned our website from www.rfidiscus.com to www.rfitropicalfish.com.  This transition allowed us to further expand our varieties of tropical fish that we have available.  In addition to having plenty of tank space for breeding tropical fish, we also have the ability to import tropical fish from Africa, Asia and South America.  This new website also allowed us to streamline our our ability to service and fulfill our customers orders with ease.

We Expanded Our Hatchery Again In 2011

We now have over 220 Aquariums of Live Aquarium Fish for sale and we always have a very large inventory of freshwater cichlids, tropical fish, invertebrates, aquarium plants, tropical fish food, and aquarium supplies.  We typically make sure to breed a good portion of our aquarium fish, to ensure that each species is robust and healthy.  However, because we have over 28 years of experience with established tropical fish importers, we have access to over 3000 varieties of healthy tropical fish that can be shipped to us quickly.  We have the ability to allow customers to make special order requests for varieties that aren’t available on our site.  With expertise in breeding all varieties of tropical fish, we can provide custom varieties and breeding pairs for your own breeding efforts.  Contact Us if you have any questions about placing a live tropical fish order online.

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