Caring for Gourami in your freshwater aquarium

About Gourami:

For a gourami, the pearl gourami is considered peaceful and will share a tank with most community fish types. Male pearl gourami’s may fight with each other, mostly  if there are females in the tank.

The pearl gourami originates from swampy areas in Asia where the water can be on the acidic side of the pH scale. While it would be good to keep them in similar conditions you should know that they will tolerate a wide range of water parameters.

Gourami pose no problems with eating since they really enjoy nearly every sort of fish food you put in the tank. Its best to provide a hight quality flake food and supplement with live or frozen freshwater fish cubes. If you’re planning on breeding, you must also use live fish food as well.

Gourami Care Information:

Scientific Name: Trichogaster leeri

Care Level: Easy and hardy, good for most community aquariums of freshwater tropical fish.

Size: 5 inches (13 cm)

pH: 6 – 8

Temperature: 77°F – 82°F (25°C – 28°C)

Water Hardness: 5° to 15° dH,

Life span: 3 – 4 years and longer

Origin: Asia, Thailand, Indonesia

Gourami Temperament: Mostly peaceful but they may fight with other gouramis. Males are more aggressive than females.

Tank Size : 29 gallon minimum

Compatible Tank Mates: Gourami are peaceful most of the time, except for when the males fight each other for a female gourami.

Diet: Gourami are not picky when it comes to eating. They will eat flake food with as much excitement as they’ll eat frozen foods or live foods.

Tank Region : Middle to top