100% Live Delivery Guarantee

The Rainforest Farms International

100% Live Delivery Guarantee:

Live Delivery Guarantee

Our Live Delivery Guarantee is as follows:

1. If you do have a D.O.A we will replace your fish, however YOU are responsible to pay the shipping for the replacement fish.  You will receive a credit for new fish and we will replace your order with fish of the identical strain that you initially requested.

2. Proof of D.O.A.s must be confirmed within 24 hours and you must fill out our claim form as soon as possible after you receive your shipment.

3. If you get an order of fish that you do not approve of, we ask that you DO NOT mail the live fish back to us.  That is more stress than necessary on the fish and if they are alive and healthy, we request you keep them.  We will credit you the proper amount or type of fish to fulfill our promise to you.

4. No Cash Refunds.  We will ONLY replace your order with healthy fish.

5. Live Delivery Guarantee does NOT apply to any International orders outside of the United States of America.

How Your Fish’s Health Is Your Responsibility:

We guarantee that your fish will arrive alive. However, when you receive your fish you are solely responsible for acclimating your new fish to your aquarium.

We take great care in ensuring that your fish are bread according to high standards and we insist that ALL of our customers be well informed and prepared to properly care for their fish. If you have any questions on compatibility or proper care for fish you are interested in, please call us at 812 272-8668.

To be safe, we recommend you quarantine your new fish separate from your current aquarium for at least 10 days. This will allow your new arrivals time to fully build up their immune systems to prevent any health issues or prevent being picked on by new tankmates.  To further understand how to properly acclimate and care for your fish, PLEASE click here to read our acclimation guide.* Keep in mind, we have been dealing in Freshwater Tropical Fish now for over 25 years, and have over a 95%+ live arrival success rate.  We have fish going out just about everyday of the year…So you can rest assured your fish are packed with utmost care.

* In order to make sure we take the utmost care with your tropical fish, your package shipping may be delayed if cold or hot weather is a threat to the health of your new freshwater tropical fish, please contact us at 812-272-8668 if you are expecting weather issues or won’t be available for your delivery date.