First of all the Discus fish I received were very healthy and vibrant just gorgeous!! I was on my way to Montana last month and I received a call from Rainforest farms and they went over my order with me. They took the time to help me pick out the Discus I would like to have while driving across country to Montana, they went over size, color, size of my tank and the environment and more. When I made it back home they had delivery setup for me to receive my babies a day after. NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I will shop here from now on.

Richard Rose

I recently ordered 7 discus, 6 tetras and 2 plecos from Tom, and they arrived in great condition and are doing very well in the tank. Tom was on top of things, calling before I barely had time to open the shipping container, wanting to ensure that everything was ok. He kept his commitment to follow up in about a week to check on the condition of the fish (which are all doing extremely well.) I have read many negative reviews about Tom, and actually spoke to him about that. I respect the opinions of others, but that doesn't mean that I have to agree with them. In this case, I don't. Tom sent me what I believe are quality fish and kept his commitment to me. I would not hesitate to order again.

Lisa T

I was interested in some black angels and Tom directed me to exactly what I wanted. Three black veils arrived shortly. They were professionally packed and in excellent health. Very pleased with my experience.

Frank V.

I have had eels in our 75 gallon tank for quite some time now but the brilliant colors on the Fire eel I got from Rainforest is absolutely gorgeous!! The health and size were spot on from what Tom said they were!! I have several tanks in my home but I will certainly purchase from Rainforest Farms EVERY TIME from here on out!!! Amazing service too!! Tom called me the day after arrival to check on their health and quality also!!

Blake Buchholtz

My name is Jo-el and have just received my second order of oscars. My first order a week ago was a Lemon Yellow and an Anaconda which both arrived in perfect health and condition. Great secure shipping package. I contacted Tom because I was concerned with the Lemon Yellow Oscar looking more albino. Tom reassured me it will grow into its color plus some foods will enhance the yellow color. I of course ordered another Lemon Yellow at which time Tom mentioned the Dragon Oscars which quickly got my attention. I of course ordered it along with the Lemon Yellow and a pound of the pellet food they are fed. That packed arrived but unfortunately the second Lemon Yellow arrived DOA. The Dragon looked fantastic with its markings. I of course was very pleased. I contacted Tom mentioning the DOA which he stated will be replaced. I am so pleased finding this place and ordering. I cannot be more pleased with the service and fish offered. I of course will be ordering again. I highly recommend Rainforest Farms to anyone and everyone. In the past I've ordered from other places but to this date none can come close to what Rainforest Farms can offer in service and fish. Thanks for everything Rainforest!

Joel Lege

I am so thrilled with my order. I got red belly piranhas and a albino Oscar. All my fish arrived in excellent heath. They were expertly packed to last and take the perils of shipping. Tom was as sincere and concerned as any fish lover could be while maintaining his professionalism! I am so pleased that i have already discussed my next order. I will never shop any other site! Beyond impressed. way to go Tom! Sincerly, Kim

Kim Justice

My name is Kevin Davis, I ordered spotted gar and several peacock bass. Tom kept in constant contact and was very diligent with the work done. The fish arrived in top shape and are doing well. Thanks Tom!

Kevin Davis

I purchased discus and some emperor tetras this past feb. 2017. tom was the person i had contact with. i have nothing but excellent things to say about my order. i had just finished cycling a 240 gal tank and was starting to put discus jn as the main fish. The fish i received were all in fantastic shape when i received them , and there were no fatalities to this day They have become intensely beautiful fish and I would not hesitate to get more fish from them any time I need them. Keep in mind the fish were delivered in Seattle in the middle of winter and there were no problems. All the fish including the discus were eating flake food and freeze dried food by the second day. very very happy with these fish.

Jay Schrimmer

I received my Red Tail Tiger Shovelnose Cross Catfish and Tiger Shovelnose Catfish this morning about 11:15 am after ordering them at 4:30 pm the night before over the phone. That`s less than a 24 hour turnaround from order to delivery!! Neatly packed with both catfish arriving in excellent shape. Thanks for the nice specimens and I will be ordering from you again soon.

Jason G.

Hi thanks Tom! I ordered a teacup sting and he/she is beautiful and looks and behaves healthy! I'm certainly buying more!!! I give it an A++++ status!


I can't express enough how happy I am the fish I received from Tom as well as the customer service Patience to deal with my problem, even if my English is not good This is a superb company and Tom is a genuine businessman. I would recommend people around


We recently received new Cherry Barbs from Tom, which he shipped to the Caribbean. Tom ensured to only ship them once the weather was warm enough up North. Once we received them, all ten fish were happy in their new tank in no time. Truly beautiful fish safe and sound in Aruba now...


I purchased 6 Discus and 3 Clown Loaches yesterday and am very satisfied with the fish. They are in great shape and absolutely beautiful. They acclimated to my tank very quickly and seemed right at home as soon as I put them in. Tom was very friendly and knowledgable. I am always weary about anything live being shipped so when I realized I was only about 45 minutes away from RFI I gave them a call. Tom was very polite and allowed my wife and I to visit his site. After visiting and seeing the abundance and quality of fish they have, I doubt I will buy from anywhere else. Great job Tom and Thanks for all of your help!

Eric S.

They have AMAZING angelfish....They are bigger than what I expected.They Are healthy and The service is great!

William C.

Just wanted to say thank you for the eight beautiful Apistogramma Cacatuoides I received from Rain Forest Farms (RFI) yesterday. The double reds are outstanding. They are all robust, healthy and real pretty. Oh, and they were well packaged for the trip from Indiana to California. I would not hesitate in recommending RFI to anyone looking for quality fresh water tropical fish.

Bill F.

We received our red tail catfish and Tiger Datnoids yesterday... They are doing GREAT! Expert packing and the customer service is exceptional!!! Very high quality AAA+++ Thanks!

Will C.

Thank you Tom for your courtesy and concern twards my fish and shipment from rainforest farms. My fish arrived in excellent condition and health! They were all active when I opened the box, and acclimated quickly to their new home, they were eating in just a few hours upon arrival and are doing great. I couldn't be happier with my purchase from Rainforest Farms and couldn't ask for better aid and assistance in buying my fish. Thank you again Tom and I plan to purchase more soon

William G.

I have purchased fish from Live Fish Direct, Live Aquaria and Aquarium Adventure, but the fish I received from RFI were superior by far. My Peacocks were vibrant and very colorful!! Next day deliver was before noon and the fish were in good health. I spoke directly with Tom during the ordering process and immediately after the fish arrived. It was a pleasure doing business with him because he added that personal touch that many on-line companies fail to establish with their customers. Nubian's

Brett G.

I just received and acclimated 4 Columbian Altum angel fish you sent out yesterday. I live in Phoenix where the temp is 105 today. I have been in the hobby for 25 years and you shipped them so they arrived in perfect condition. Moreover, the fish were the "real deal", classic Altum banding, color and forehead notch. They were precisely the size you represented them to be. Incredibly, all 4 fed on frozen bloodworms within 30 seconds after coming out of the bag ! ! Thank you for integrity and outstanding wild Altums. It took me 6 months to find them available from any source. I am very pleased I purchased them from you. I will order anything I need or want from you with total confidence at any time.

Brent P.

Thank you for the beautiful male Peacock Cichlids, they are beautiful!!! We purchased the 12 pack and every single one of them that you picked out for us is beautiful and thriving in their new home. Can't wait to setup our new 220 gallon aquarium to fill up with your fantastic fish!  Thanks again!

Brandon V.

From the moment I contacted Tom I knew I was in good hands and dealing with someone that was knowledgeable about fish and that would answer every question I had! Anytime I called with questions he called me back promptly and gladly answered them all. I ended up ordering a fire eel, 6 cichlids and a spotted gar for my tanks and once I ordered them recieved them within 12 hours at my doorstep healthy and packed very well. Later that afternoon I recieved a call from Tom asking how the fish were doing! Definitely a welcomed call!  Will definitely be doing future business and will gladly be recommending people to buy from Tom! First class service!

Brandon J.

Tom, the alligator gar I received about 2 months ago is doing amazing! He is already about 10 inches and very healthy. My red tails and koi that I have from you are doing amazing as well. the reds just come up with their mouths open when I sit next to my pond. The gar splashes me whe n I feed the red tails more than him. They are great! I will be placing my new order next week. I finished my larger 6100g indoor pond and am ready for more. Thanks!!

Brad B.

We received our third purchase from Rainforest Farms yesterday and I am more than thrilled with all of our discus! This new batch of 8 started eating within 20 minutes of being in their new aquarium and their color and shape is amazing! They arrived packaged perfectly, they were swimming and searching for food within minutes... like they had never been shipped! Everyone of the the 22 discus we have gotten in the past three months are thriving and very friendly, they even eat right out our daughter's hand : )

Bonnie W.

I have received Discus in from all the top suppliers... The Batch I got in earlier this week from Rainforest Farms is hands down the best! We received 4 Rainbow dragons, 4 Violet reflections and 4 Canary dreams all in the 3-4 inch size. ALL of them where eating within an hour, have great color and shape. The Packaging was done with care and it shows in the fish. A+ job!!! Can't wait for our next order!

Bonnie C.

Thank you Tom for your beautiful discus, fine job of describing the discus. I order 12 discus from him and arrived in perfect condition health, color, shape, and behavior of the fish, tom is excellent with the calls and question I had A+++ with customer service. Im relly happy with the fish. I will be definitely ordering from rain forest again! Thanks Tom.

Bobby V.


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