I have dealt with many fish vendors over the past several years and have to say that I have never been happier than when dealing with Rain Forrest. The service is person to person, they will call you and make you aware of delays ect, and you get a person no AI. They go far out of their way to Provide Top Notch, 5 Star service that is most pleasing todays world. The fish are of good size, vibrant in color and are healthy. The effort that they put into their packing shows. A true business just like the old days. Quality, Great service & Ethics Imagine that!!!!

Jeff Gort

I purchased 7  Parrot Cichlids fish 4-5 inch size and 8 discus for my 350 gallon aquarium. They’re the most Beautiful fish I’ve ever had! Tom is very knowledgeable. Tom calls me when he ships them out, and calls when you receive them . I lost two fish the day after receiving them and he replaced them. HIGHLY recommend RainForest Farms.


We received our fish and plants and everything came in in great shape! My son loves the extra plants you gave us for free! These are so nice, I am setting up my own aquarium! Hands down best packaging, customer service and quality fish and plants!!! Thanks again for for caring so much!  

John Forbes

I ordered 26 fish different species, they were packaged well double bagged and insulated. They were all healthy and eating soon after release. Tom called after delivery to see how fish were doing... when I need more fish will call Tom at RFI for sure,  great service! Thank you!

Linda M Lee

I am so glad that i purchased my fish from RFI They are Beautiful fish ,amazing colors ,and even great personalities.. PERFECT fish... other then my mistake on not ordering the correct fish and RFI realized my mistake and contacted me they sent me out the correct fish i wanted free of charge to make my not so smart decision correct just so i would be happy...Fish came Packaged more then perfect boxed and double bagged with newspaper ,heating pads, insulated lined bubble wrap. it truly was like opening a Christmas present layer by layer. Best customer service, awesome fish, sent when scheduled If I EVER need more fish i will definitely do my ordering from RFI....


Thank you so much for my fish. I received them they were very healthy. Can’t wait to purchase some more fish from you . thank you so much.

Zevi White

We received our amazing African cichlids yesterday, they all look fantastic! Very bright colors and they are all eating and loving their new home. Thank you so much for the awesome packing job and picking out such nice fish!

Silvia Cushman

We ordered 12 peacock cichlids and every single one is AMAZING! Fantastic customer service and the packing job was perfect. Above and beyond my expectations!

Matt Schmidt

Thank you so much for the awesome guppies, tetras and snails! They arrived packaged perfectly and were all eating and acting like nothing had happened to them within an hour of me receiving them!  A+

Theresa Wilbert

Now have made two orders with this website and have gotten wonderful fish every time! The owner is very caring and will make sure you get everything you order and then will call you to make sure your fish have arrived safely on the arrival date. Such spectacular customer service is highly appreciated! If you are looking to purchase discus make sure you buy here!

Ciara J.

The Yellow King Parrot cichlids came in in great shape earlier! They all are developing great yellow colr already and all 6 have started eating already! Great job packing and customer service as well. Thanks again, Jerry Stein

Jerry S

The Lemon Oscars arrived last week and from the getgo they had amazing solid yellow color and were eating within an hour of being in the tank! They have all grown nicely just in this past week and each and every one of them is spectacular! You packaged them perfectly and your efforts get an A+++ Thanks again, ED W

Ed W

Tom, the Zaire Frontosa arrived about an hour ago and they were packed up PERFECTLY! They already are showing beutiful blue color and seem very healthy. The last ones we got from you already getting very big and have the most amazing blue and turquoise colors! Thank you so much

Joe Z

We received the 6 Discus and Gouramies and they came in in PERFECT SHAPE! The colors were a bit faded at first (as to be expected) but within an hour they were glowing amazing colors and eating like champs! Thank you so much for the 2 extra Gouramies for free they are beautiful. Can not wait to get our next batch of fish from you next week. Thanks again, Carl T

Carl Trapman

I received my 16 1.5 inch parrot cichlids last week in perfect shape : ) Every one of them is robust and was eating the day I got them in. Such personable little fish. Thanks again, I cant wait to get my next batch in of the red passions!


We received our discus and rainbows the other day, they were packed perfectly. It got down to 28 the night they were shipped, yet arrived warm and lively! We had them all eating within an hour of releasing them. Thanks again!


I received my rainbowfish in perfect shape. I have ordered from other places before... tiny disappointing to say the least! These are nice healthy robust fish already showing great colors. Thanks again!

Ted Wallace

We received our 6 beautiful king  parrot cichlids the other day. They arrived in perfect shape! They are eating and and already showing amazing color. Thank you so much for taking the time and caring to pack them so well and have such healthy fat fish!


There were issues with my shipment but with Tom at my side all the way everything worked out in the end! He went out of his way to make things right! And my Flowerhorn (Lucky)is growing up to be a beautiiful boy! Thank you Tom and will do business with you in the near future!


Wow! Received our second fish order from Tom at Rainforest Farms. All fish arrived quickly, packaged well, and in great shape! Beautiful and healthy. We highly recommend Rainforest Farms for the purchase of unique tropical fish and high quality foods.

Diane, Mill Creek Veterinary Hospital

I ordered fish from here and they were in excellent shape and the packaging was great. Will absolutely order from here again.

Sebrenia Maynard

I ordered several tetras a few months ago. All 18 of them arrived alive and healthy, and in the 3 days from order date. As of now, all are still alive and have grown. Hoping to expand my hobby, and when I do I'll order my fish from Rainforest Farm International.

Joe Mitchell

I received my 15 inch Arowana in the other day. He was packed so well!!! I think he is actually about 17 inches and his color and fantastic condition are more than I could have wished for! Thank you for caring so much to go the extra mile on shipping and conditioning this magnificent fish!!!

Chien Nguyen

The 8 discus arrived yesterday perfectly! They are already eating and their colors are beautiful.  Wondereful job on the packing and overall quality 🙂

Ann B

My Lemon Oscar came in perfect! Great shipping and the fish is so beautiful. I am going to order two more next week Thank you!

Oscar Willams


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