Below are some of our most common questions that we get.  Please read below to see if any of these questions help you.

1. How Much Does It Cost To Ship Tropical Fish?  Our shipping prices are flat rate based on the subtotal of your order. To check out our shipping prices for your order, click here.

2. Are The Pictures On The Site The Exact Same As The Fish I Will Be Getting?  We provide multiple pictures for each individual variety of fish.  That way you can see which colors, patterns and sizes we have to offer.  Your order will include fish that look very similar, and in some cases, exactly the same as the pictures you see on our site.  Although your fish that you receive will not be the exact fish as seen on our site, it will be the exact variety or strain of fish that you ordered with some differences just in the coloration and pattern of the fish.

3. What Happens If My Fish Die When Shipped To Me? We offer a Live Delivery Guarantee.  If the unfortunate happens and your fish are D.O.A, then we promise to replace the exact fish that you ordered.  Please email or call us as soon as you realize that there’s an issue with your shipment.  Due to fluctuations in our available supply, there may be some times when your exact fish isn’t immediately available.  In this case we will either mail you a replacement fish of your choosing or hold your order when the exact fish that you ordered becomes available to ship.  For more information on our live delivery guarantee, click here.

4. Do You Have An Acclimation Guide?  Yes, we do.  Please click here for our Acclimation Guide.

5. Do You Have A Fish Compatibility Guide?  Yes, we do.  Please click here for our compatibility guide.