Driftwood Helps Naturally Lower the pH

Driftwood Helps Naturally Lower the pH Driftwood also helps naturally lower pH naturally while creating a safehaven for your discus fish to feels secure around… This brings up another aspect in keeping your Discus fish as healthy and happy as possible. Discus and other fish species do not like to be in an undecorated aquarium! […]

Caring for Corydoras Catfish

<p><b><span style=”background-color: #ff0000;”><span style=”color: #ffffff;”><span style=”font-size: medium;”>About Corydoras Catfish :</span></span></span></b></p> <p>The Corydoras Catfish, or Cory Cat, are a great addition to any¬† community tank.&nbsp; Cory’s are peaceful in nature as they just like to be bottom dwellers.&nbsp;</p> <p>Corydoras catfish refer to be in schools of 6 or more, however we have many customers who keep […]

Freshwater Tropical Fish Are Sensative To Chlorine!

Discus fish along with other tropical fish are very sensitive to Chlorine and other additives that municipal water companies add to the water to keep us safe… I have a Discus Fish customer in the Florida Keys that made the fatal flaw of using only Sodium Thiosulfate to remove Chlorine from his water that he […]

Reverse Osmosis(RO) water filtration for your freshwater aquarium

Reverse Osmosis(RO) water filtration will also give you a safe (chlorine free) water with a pH of neutral(7.0) or lower These filtration units will strip over 98% of the contaminants out of your tap water creating ideal discus fish water. The spectra pure units that we sell use a solid block carbon filter that is […]

How to lower the pH in your Freshwater Aquarium

How to lower the pH in your freshwater Aquarium? There are many good products on the market for this… Check with your local tropical fish store and ask for there recommendations. It is quite often necessary to add quite a bit of these products to reach the desired pH level of say a 6.5 in […]

How to get your discus fish into breeding condition

How to get your discus fish into breeding condition? Live Black worms, mosquito larvae (live), live red worms, live Daphnia and live bloodworms all work magic in getting the discus fish into breeding condition. Mosquito larva along with daphnia are quite easy to raise… just sit out a tub of water with some organic matter […]

Maintaining and caring for Angelfish

About Angelfish: Angelfish are a very popular freshwater tropical fish because of its unique shape and their interesting personalities. Angelfish are aggressive eaters and will go to the top of the tank when they see you approach. Because of their feeding habits, you need to ensure that your less aggressive aquarium fish are getting enough […]

Caring for Gourami in your freshwater aquarium

About Gourami: For a gourami, the pearl gourami is considered peaceful and will share a tank with most community fish types. Male pearl gourami’s may fight with each other, mostly¬† if there are females in the tank. The pearl gourami originates from swampy areas in Asia where the water can be on the acidic side […]

Discus Fish Care

“ About Discus Fish: Discus Fish are the Kings of the Aquarium. Probably the most beautiful and appealing of all tropical fish, Discus Fish are also one of the most difficult tropical fish to keep.  Caring for discus fish is not recommended for beginning aquariasts. Discus Fish require excellent water conditions, frequent water changes and […]