Shipping and Returns

Shipping Process:

1. To make sure that you receive the most healthy species of fish available and to reduce the travel stress on your aquatic life, your order will be shipped direct to your door using our system developed specifically for live tropical freshwater and aquarium fish.  Visit our page that details our Live Fish Delivery process by clicking here.

2. After your order is placed, you will be receiving a confirmation email that contains your order details.  This email will NOT contain tracking information and it will not confirm when we will ship your fish.  Remember that it typically takes 2 – 3 BUSINESS DAYS for us to process your order.

3. You will receive a phone call or an email from us within the next 1 – 2 business days.  It’s very important that you return our call or email so that we can confirm and verify your order and answer any questions you may have.

4. We will contact you again the day before your shipment is shipped with FedEx tracking information.  You will NOT receive that tracking information in an automated email and it will NOT be sent to you in any of the prior confirmation emails.  Tracking information is only given after we have communicated with you regarding your order.

5. After you receive your fish, it is your responsibility to follow the proper steps to safely acclimate your new aquarium life to your aquarium.  If you have questions regarding proper acclimation of your fish, please feel free to call us at 812-272-8668 so that we can help you make the most of your new purchase.

Please Note: We encourage someone to be available at the time of delivery to prevent the aquatic life from being exposed to the elements and extreme temperatures. Not being available to quickly unpack and properly acclimate your fish is done at your own risk and we are not liable for fish that die as a result.

Return Policy:
1. . Because of the specific packaging procedures for all freshwater tropical fish, our main concern is for the well-being of all the products that we offer.  Therefore we cannot accept any returns of any freshwater tropical fish. We ask you to please make your selections very carefully.

2. In the unfortunate event you have a fish that does not arrive alive, text us a picture of the deceased fish in the original bag it was shipped to you in as evidence of expired tropical fish.Text to 812-272-8668.

3. In the unfortunate incident that you have fish that die as a result of the shipping process, our policy is that You the customer pay the return shipping charge.