Dwarf Cichlids

Dwarf Cichlids: Cichlidae

Dwarf Cichlids are a variety of small-sized fish from the family Cichlidae. Dwarf Cichlids are typically less than 4 inches in length and they come in many varieties of colors. Dwarf Cichlids represent Cichlids from South American or West African species which are suitable for soft, acidic water in aquariums densely populated with aquarium plants. Dwarf Cichlids are generally shy, except when they're breeding, and they are considered ideal for community tanks. Some of our Dwarf Cichlids include Rams, Agassiz, Borelli and many others.

Borelli Dwarf Cichlid (Trios)
Bolivian Ram (2.5 inches)
Borelli Dwarf Cichlid
Breeding Trios Dwarf Chiclids
Electric Blue Ram Cichlid (1-2 Inches)
Gold Ram Dwarf Cichlid

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Kadango Borleyi Dwarf Cichlid
Kribensis Cichlids
Long Finned Angel Dwarf Cichlid

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Orange Flash Cacatuoides Dwarf Cichlid
Red Jewel Cichlid (1-2 Inches)
Red Jewel Cichlids (Breeding Pair)