Angelfish  Pterophyllum

We find that Angelfish are a very popular tropical fish, mainly due to its unique shape and interesting personalities. Known to be aggressive eaters, Angelfish will swim to the top of the tank when they see you coming with food. Angelfish are a curious freshwater cichlid and they can become territorial, especially when it comes time to breed. Be aware, because Angelfish like to pair off on their own,  if any other fish tries to enter the Angelfish territory, they will get attacked. Angelfish are always hungry and they will go after many types of fish food, especially vitamin enriched flakes, frozen, freeze dried and live foods. Because of their size, Angelfish definitely prefer taller tanks.  Because of their height, you will find your angelfish hiding amongst your tall standing plants.


4 Inch 1/2 Black Angelfish

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Albino Angelfish
Albino Pearscale Angelfish (Breeding Pair)

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Altum Angelfish

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Black Angelfish
Black Satin Angelfish
Black veil Angelfish
Black Zebra Angelfish
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