Red Crayfish (2 – 3 Inches)
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Red Crayfish (2 – 3 Inches)

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Red Crayfish (2 – 3 Inches)

Procambarus clarkii is a freshwater crayfish species, native to the Southeastern United States, but found also on other continents, where it is often an invasive pest.
It is known variously as the red swamp crawfish, red swamp crayfish, Louisiana crawfish, Louisiana crayfish or mudbug.

Procambarus clarkii normally reproduces sexually, but recent research suggests it may also reproduce by parthenogenisis.

P. clarkii is most commonly found in warm freshwater such as slowly flowing rivers, marshes, reservoirs, irrigation systems and rice paddies. It is considered to be the most ecologically plastic species in the order Decapoda, and is able to grow quickly even in only seasonally present water, being able to tolerate dry spells of up to four months. P. clarkii grows quickly, and is capable of reaching weights in excess of 50 g, and sizes of 2.2–4.7 inches long.

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Red Crayfish (2 – 3 Inches)

P. clarkii grows quickly, and is capable of reaching sizes of 2.2–4.7 inches long.

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