African Cichlids Peacock all male Variety pack (3 – 4 Inches)

$ 125.99 $ 99.99

Peacock African Cichlids are among the most colorful and peaceful of all the African Cichlids available. Very easy to care for making them a perfect choice for the tropical aquarium.


Purchase a variety pack of African Cichlids . Get 6,  3-4 inch Male African peacock Cichlids at a discount when purchased in a pack. Assorted varieties will include a mix such as 2 Strawberries, 2 OBs, 2 Sunshines, 2 Electric Blues, 2 ruby reds etc…

You can call us at 812-272-8668 and give us your preferences for which specific varieties you would like, or you can let us pick out the most colorful ones for you. We also offer up to a 24 pack of all male peacocks to meet your aquarium needs.