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Discus  Symphysodon aequifasciatus

***Most All 2 Inch Discus Fish are available to be upgraded to 3-4 Inches***

Discus are a hearty freshwater cichlid that is originally from the Amazon River.  Unlike Angelfish, Discus are always varied from one individual discus to another, no matter its location.  We have been breeding discus since 1987 and have found that Discus are great community fish when given the right combination of tank mates.  Nicknamed the Kings of the Aquarium, Discus are a very vibrant species that is available in many colors and patterns.  We even have breeding discus where customers can choose to make their own cross-breeds of discus fish.

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Our Discus are Categorized by: Solid DiscusSpotted DiscusStriped Discus & Wild Caught Discus

We Also Have Discus Organized Under These Popular Strains: Marlboro Discus, Leopard Discus, Snakeskin Discus, Checkerboard Discus, Butterfly Discus, Tiger Discus, Royal Discus and Albino Discus
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