Arowana  Osteoglossidae

To put it simply, Arowana is a fish that is best for the experienced Aquariast. From the Amazon River, Arowana's are a very beautiful and a fascinating fish to watch. As adults they can grow up to 40 inches, which is more than most tanks can handle. Think you are a fish expert and can handle Arowana? You should have at least a 200 gallon tank to keep them happy. Filtration is also a must and you should choose to have an excellent external canister filter. Because Arowanas can jump, you will need a good, tight fitting hood with no escape holes. Arowana can get so large, the best tank mates for this tropical fish would be a larger Pleco

Jardini Arowana (5 Inches)

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Silver Arowana (6-7 inches)
Silver Arowana (8-10 Inch)